Pins App Helps You Recover Your Lost or Stolen Phones

Recover your stolen phonePins App (a Pins Intruder solutions) is a phone security app specially designed  to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your mobile device(s).

While this specially designed mobile security app prevents intruders from gaining access to your lost or stolen mobile phone, it also remotely tracks your device and pin points its exact location to enable the quick recovery of such device, this is instantly updated if there is any movement of the phone.

It also takes snap shots of the person trying to gain access into your phone and sends them to your email address without the intruder being aware. One of the fantastic features of Pins App is that it allows the phone owner to remotely lock his/her phone.

The antitheft feature helps you find out who is spying on you and also prevent the loss of valuable data such as contact info, photos and other files. All valuable data can be stored on pins cloud storage without having to use any 3rd party services.

Use This Amazing Phone Finder to Find Your Missing Phone:

Pins App is specially designed to help any mobile phone owner find out the actual location of his or her lost or stolen mobile phone. The phone finder feature is a very efficient tracking system, it helps a mobile phone owner to find and protect his or her or data and info when such phone is lost or stolen by providing real-time visibility of the phone anytime and anywhere.

This can be achieved by simply logging into your pins app dashboard to view the map that will show you the exact location of your missing phone, this map is instantly updated every time the phone moves to a new location.

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Sim tracking:

Having lost your phone you call it several times only to hear it ring a few times then you get the dreadful message of “the number you are calling is switched off please try again later”. That can only mean one of two things:

  1. Your phone has been switched off.
  2. Your phone has been switched off and your sim card removed and replaced by another sim.

The sim tracking feature enables the phone owner to get instant notification via email or text if his or her sim gets replaced by another sim. The phone owner gets notified of the new sim card number which helps to know which the network provider of the new sim that has been inserted into the mobile phone. One thing you should keep in mind is that text charges may apply when this function is operational.

Wi-Fi Protection:

PinsApp mobile security solution provides world class defense against all risks associated with the use of wi-fi.

Website and Anti-Phishing Protection:

You can browse the internet on your mobile device with confidence knowing you are fully protected by Pins App Antivirus from harmful Malware, Trojans and Ransom ware. Pins antivirus has been rated as one of the best phone security apps in the industry. It has been tested and certified by several consumer bodies and testing institutes as a top of the range product. Download Pins App here to enjoy 50% discount.


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